Meditation is defined as peace of happiness & consciousness in mind.

Meditation is all about defined by yourself happiness state. It has defined a state of consciousness of your mind. It was a help to you relaxation of bodily by yoga and aasann. Sometimes your busy schedule to be busy your metal and physically apart from the day and sometimes and sometimes life issue of mental level. Meditation was a very easy process to control an inner body of mind to relaxation peace of mind.


Meditation was work to inner peace of mind and happiness:

Meditate was work on the process peace of place in yourself around. Every morning is the best results to meditate process. All cultural an religions use the meditating process believing. Every morning time is the best because of peace of mind, the silence between you and your body also relaxation mode. Meditate was only use to your mental relaxation increasing and clear of your mind. It was many types of yoga and asaan to help the control of unconsciousness things and remove the negative energy from your body.

The types of Meditation:

1) Transcendental: These are means state of enlightenment. It was removed to our inner pain, stress, and help to mind calmness.

2) Heart Rhythm: This was downward mediation. It was a focus on the energy of a power. Heart rhythm mediation controls your breathing of consciousness level.

3) Kundalini: Kundalini was upward meditation. It was a focus on the stream of energy. These are two types created by Buddhist technique and Hindu technique are the mostly express the kundalini process.

4) Guided Visualization: What you think you become. These are newly technique in the meditation.

5) Qi Gong: These are the very likely meditate. It was used to many changes in posture and decreasing the negative vibes of mental.

6) Zazen: It was the seated meditation. Zazen was processed to thinks and become the power of energy.

7) Mindfulness- This mediation was easy to take a good seat and pay attention to your breath and go relaxing attention wanders.

These are the meditate for you which is the best of your body.

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